Week 10 – The Last Big Push

The smell of composting pumace fills the valley this morning. Most people assume it’s the smell of fermentation but to my nose it is the spent pumace of the newly created wine. This week has had amazing weather. The fall has been long and warm leading to amazing color and fantastic concentration. I think I can safely say that the average Brix has been right around 26. Those that don’t want high alcohol need to fear not however because sugar conversions have been very reasonable, even low by some standards. Some of our Pinot Noirs are through with Malolactic now and are ready to begin the extended aging process. The quality still looks fantastic! Our cellar is working hard at getting the first year Chai ready to receive the new wines.



The laser they use to line up the bung holes shines on the walls as our crew works to make the cellar look like the immaculate room that everyone sees throughout the year. The first two pictures were taken yesterday. The following from this morning.


Very quick progress which should be finished by the end of the week, right as we begin to press our high end Cabernets. Right now it looks like the final day of harvest will either be Monday or Tuesday next week. It also looks like my hopes of a harvest-free Halloween will be realized this year!

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