’twas the Night Before the MW Exam…


For the fourth time in my life I find myself preparing for the next few days buried in a conference room at Opus One trying to pass the MW exam. This year, having passed the theory section last year, I’m focusing on the practical section (tasting section for those not familiar with the set up of the exam). Tonight I’m enjoying two white Burgundies; a Macon Villages and a delightfully lovely Puligny-Montrachet which I enjoyed much more than the Macon. The thought being that tonight instead of analyzing, dissecting and studying the wine I’m just going to enjoy it, relax, and focus on why I started this journey in the first place. I started this journey to learn more about the world of wine and to be able to avoid the dreaded cellar (or regional) palate. I feel that I’ve accomplished so much yet there is so much still to learn that I’ve only scratched the surface. This is truely one of those industries where it is impossible to know it all. In fact the title of Master of Wine is so strange because it is nearly impossible to “Master” all aspects of it. So here I am, enjoying my little piece of Burgundy before undertaking one of the most challenging feats of mental agility that exists in this industry. I’ll find out in September if I was finally successful this year. I feel like I will be but we’ll have to find out then.

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