New Directions

More than three years ago I set off on a quest to demystify wine for the average consumer through this blog. I answered questions, covered basic winemaking topics and threw in a little tasting or MW studying here and there. People wanted to know what a day in the life if a winemaker was so I spent a year writing about what was going on in the vineyards and winery. What I came to realize, after a year, is that I was writing about the same things the next year with minor tweaks depending on the vintage. Then I had a baby and changed jobs. This refocus of my life meant I had to neglect my writing for a while due to the age old excuse that there wasn’t enough time in the day. So here we are again, a little over a year from my most viewed post regarding why wine should not be compared to toilet paper. Not a terribly deep subject but an entertaining one nonetheless. I think in some way a fellow wine blogger of mine was correct when he (and I would give him the credit here if I could remember who it was) wondered aloud if we (the wine bloggers) were really all just talking to ourselves.

Anyway, now I find myself at a crossroads. Do I continue down the path that I have followed since March 1st, 2010 when I published my first post or do I take a new direction? I would like to open this for discussion to you, my readers. What do you want to read about? Who are you? Should I be covering more in depth winemaking information? More geeky vineyard stuff? Feel free to comment and let me know the details that Google analytics cannot. The future is in your hands!

4 thoughts on “New Directions

  1. Since you asked, I’m Craig. Your father introduced me to your blog a long time ago. I enjoy reading all the wonderful topics you have covered. I am fine with whatever direction you plan to take with the site. Even if it’s only once a month I hope you continue to write as I enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Nova, I love reading about the day-in-the-life topics. Especially now that you have a crazy impressive job at Mondavi. Learning/reading about 2013 vintage and beyond at Mondavi would be great!

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